Anissa ROCKS!! and I'm not just sayin in that cause' I have too! She is one of the best Web Publicists, the guys who understand what the web is... A Brand Channel for their business are busting down her door to GET time with her... I ought know I have to setup a appoint just to get a couple minutes of her time, anymore.

The proof is in the results: She is making the CyberHood Watch Partners (Dave and Bill) a household name. It's like I said, Anissa ROCKS!! When it comes 'PR'.

...and when I say proof, here it is we are right next to couple of guys who build PC's we use everyday in the "CHW office" not that we are name dropping:) "Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard"

Google vs. Bing search for Dave and Bill, this is just one of the many examples of how much she has helped!! Thanks Anissa, for all your hard work on behalf of the CHW Partners - Dave and Bill

CHW Partners

CyberHood Watch Partners

Anissa is the Queen of PR in my book. Her "little black book" of media contacts, combined with her years of work developing relationships with key players in the PR world, make her and her and this product invaluable to people who need to get connected with media.

As my go-to gal for getting connected to the media (radio, TV, newspapers or online movers and shakers) Anissa has gotten me some serious coverage. If you cannot hire her to do a publicity campaign for you, now you can get her contacts and training to do it yourself, which is the very next best thing!

Jack Humphrey

Jack Humphrey

Anissa has been an essential piece in helping grow my business. She is very knowledgeable in her field and is a trusted resource. She was especially key in helping me with publishing my cookbook. I felt at ease knowing I had her with me through the process. She helped me to know what to watch for in the contract and make sure that I got the product that I wanted.

She was also helpful in choosing which publisher to go with. She was able to point out the pros and cons to both sides in order to help me make the right choice for me. She is a very trustworthy individual with expertise in her field.

Laura Powell

Real Mom Kitchen

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