It’s well documented that the media prefers using online press kits. That’s the number one reason we use them.


What other reasons are there?


Accessible to the media at all times. An online press kit lives online and is accessible for anyone with an Internet connection (or Wifi of course).

No more e-mail attachments. Media personnel hate e-mail attachments. With an online press kit, you send links.

Supports all file types. Upload images, documents, video and audio with ease and file size is virtually unlimited.

All documents can be made down-loadable. Make your entire press kit available for download, from press releases to high-resolution images and video files. This is essential for writers and other media when they are on deadline.

Real-time edits. The information is live the second you hit “save.”

No need for IT expertise. Editing a Press Kit 24/7 online pres kit is simple and requires no HTML.

We also offer PR distribution packages and other Publicity Services.

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