While many companies have their own PR departments, marketing pros are always on the lookout for ways to extend their PR reach. Search engine optimized press releases offer an effective way to tell stories and gain increased online visibility and link value. The Publicists Assistant is working with several emerging companies to help them develop new avenues for reaching their target audiences through advanced online PR.

So what exactly does the working relationship look like between a search marketing agency and its client-side marketing counterparts?

At The Publicists Assistant we understand that our clients’ PR people are intimately familiar with their company’s messaging. The Publicists Assistant coordinates with the client’s marketers and writers to produce search enhanced press releases that retain all of the necessary components that the client requires; while engineering them to compete for online attention in a sea of similar news stories. The Publicists Assistant can also write the copy for your brand.

With an optimized press release of only 500 words brands can accomplish all of these objectives:

* Get their message included in Google and Yahoo News within hours of syndication.

* Track Keywords and improved positioning.

* Gain links pointing to their site within a relevant context.

* Receive a powerful boost to their ongoing SEO program.

PR Newswire syndication embeds social media sharing capabilities, and adds relevant Technorati tags to the release to create a highly optimized news story that can complement any online marketing campaign. The advantages don’t stop there: The Publicists Assistant can enhance your release with YouTube videos, podcasts and PDF and image attachments to build a truly interactive content vehicle that places the spotlight on your brand.

Take your brand building to the next level. Contact The Publicists Assistant for more details on our optimized press release writing and distribution service.

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